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Zungle Panther Sunglasses Play Music Through Bone Conduction 0

Zungle Panther Sunglasses Play Music Through Bone Conduction

It looks like you no longer need headphones to listen to music. No more ear buds falling off or worse, blocking out ambient sound. Zungle Panther are sunglasses that are going to play your music for you via Bone Conduction. Sweet, right? Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous! Actually, the technology...

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ZipBuds Slide Are Earphones That Don’t Get Tangled

Even though the convenience of a wireless Bluetooth headset easily covers for the trouble caused by the wired headphones, but there are still a lot of consumers who actually prefer the wired technology over the wireless one. Hence the reason why manufacturers are still trying to make improvements in the...

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NEOH Smart 3D Audio Headphones

We’ve seen many headphones in the past, but have you ever heard of 3D audio headphones?  3D Sound Labs may have designed an amazing product.  Their headphones are called NEOH (pronounced neo) and they are claimed to be the first audio headphones that have the ability to deliver 3D audio...


Xbox One UNBOXING!!!

Xbox’s Major Nelson unboxes the new Xbox One for the first time. the most interesting part of all that, is that it includes a Headset. It includes everything you would expect, Controller, HDMI cable(1080p, 3D and 4K), Kinect(Which is pretty big, BTW), and the XBox one itself. Previously there has...


Oculas Rift, the true Next Gen?

The Oculus Rift an upcoming virtual reality head-mounted display, which is changing the way people perceive and play games.

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