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New Helmet For Divers With Heads-Up Display

U.S. Navy Engineers have developed a futuristic heads-up display for diving helmets. A team led by Underwater Systems Development Project Engineer Dennis Gallagher invented this high tech helmet that is set to revolutionize the diving technology. We know more about the moon than we do about what lies at the...

Smart Bike Helmets makes the cycle ride safer (1) 0

Smart Helmets Make The Bike Ride Safer

As compared to ordinary basic helmets which help you cover your cranium, these helmets are doing slightly more than that. Along with protection, these innovative smart helmets bring together many latest features. Additionally, the recent from Brooklyness is ready to offer you an amazing experience. The Classon bike helmet has...

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PLIXI: The Foldable Helmet

Helmets are an essential piece of equipment for bike commuters, but after the ride is over they become quite a hassle to put away or even carry around with you. The Plixi helmet makes like easier, it features a unique folding mechanism so you can easily tuck it into a...

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