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Smosh Mess with The Rock

The Rock’s ‘Hercules’ has garnered around a good $60 million dollars till now. The Rock campaigned pretty extensively for promoting his new film. YouTube superstars Smosh also got a chance to speak to him and that’s when things get interesting…because it is Smosh. Check out the video below to get a load...

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Top 5 highest paid Hollywood actresses.

2013 had been kind on many specially to people in Hollywood. We previously wrote an article about the sacks of money that male actors in Hollywood took home. In today’s article we will put the spot light on female actors in Hollywood who bagged some serious cash. Here is the...

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5 Famous Short Fellows at Hollywood.

One can get into an argument that all good things come in small packages, however one thing is for sure, some of the good things sure do come in compact sizes. In today’s article we will peak into the heights of some of the famous Hollywood actors. It may come...

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