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Zungle Panther Sunglasses Play Music Through Bone Conduction 0

Zungle Panther Sunglasses Play Music Through Bone Conduction

It looks like you no longer need headphones to listen to music. No more ear buds falling off or worse, blocking out ambient sound. Zungle Panther are sunglasses that are going to play your music for you via Bone Conduction. Sweet, right? Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous! Actually, the technology...

Miro Is The One-Stop Entertainment System We All Need 0

Miro Is The One-Stop Entertainment System We All Need

The brand-new speaker Miro created by Zbinno offers the combination of clean sound with clean visuals, thereby providing an ultimate entertainment experience for its users. The speakers act as the foundational part of the Miro bar. A rich balance of mid-tones and bass is offered by the dual speakers that...

Checkout The Ground-Beaking Ear Plugs ‘ISOLATE®’ That Isolate You From Noise (3) 1

Checkout The Ground-Beaking Ear Plugs ‘ISOLATE®’ That Isolate You From Noise

The ground-breaking solid titanium micro ear plugs which help you get isolation from noise like never before are here. ISOLATE® can switch off your ears to noise finally. They can help you get perfect sound isolation for: Sleeping(Undisturbed nights with perfect isolation from snoring and other noises) Travelling(On planes, trains...

subpac 2 0

SubPac, Now You Can Wear The Bass of Your Music Around

Listening to music is the best time of the day for many people. You just plug in your headphones and immerse yourself in your favorite songs, avoiding all the unnecessary noise of the surroundings. There are many high end speaker and headphone systems that can satisfy your music needs but...

batband1 0

Batband By Studio Banana Things Delivers Music Through Bone Conduction

Tangled headphone wires can be such a pain.  Now you don’t have to deal that mess with Batband.  Developed by London-based Studio Banana Things, Hatband uses bone conduction to play music through your skull.  Sounds weird huh?  The company is raising money on Kickstarter to fund production of the band....

slide_pop 0

ZipBuds Slide Are Earphones That Don’t Get Tangled

Even though the convenience of a wireless Bluetooth headset easily covers for the trouble caused by the wired headphones, but there are still a lot of consumers who actually prefer the wired technology over the wireless one. Hence the reason why manufacturers are still trying to make improvements in the...

torque headphones4 0

Torque Audio Debuts Tunable Headphones

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to music.  Some people like the sound of a deep bass and some like a balanced listening experience.  Los Angeles based, Torque Audio have launched their new innovative t096z earbuds and 1402v headphones, which are both tunable to give you the ability...

flicks3 0

Flicks: Mobile Party Boombox Projector

Sitting out by the pool? Want to watch a movie or listen to your favourite tunes?  Well, we might just have the product for you.  When it comes to entertainment, bigger and louder are always better.  Flicks has been designed to deliver big and astounding image quality and an unbelievable...

BeoSound Essence 6 0

Let the Music Play – BeoSound Essence

We just love CES. It brings so many ideas out to the platform of reality and well it gets us excited to say the least. This time around there has been so many gadgets and conceptual ideas which were presented at CES 2014 in Las Vegas.

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