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3D Printing Strikes Again With Glass 3D Printing

Nowadays, 3D printers can extrude a lot of different substances. Ranging from food to metals, the list is growing at an exponential rate. Now another unfamiliar addition has been made to that list: glass. While powdered glass and silica have already been extruded by 3D printers, this will be the...

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Sebatian Errazuriz’s Transforming Cabinets Boggles The Mind

Usually we look at cabinets and a place to hide all our junk, definitely not something that looks like a piece of art.  Artist, designer, and activist Sebastian Errazuriz has crafted many functional sculptures.  He uses old fashioned woodworking techniques to create what he calls “functional sculptures.”  Errazuriz’s pieces will...

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These Tiny Sculptures Are Edible But Too Cute To Eat!

Danling Xiao’s instagram project called Mundanne Matters has people drooling and awing at the same pace! This genius takes everyday items, most of them edible, and sculpts them into tiny characters and/or objects, photographing them to befit their own little story on a magical stage. Her aim? The objects are “no...

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These Art Sculptures Have Been Created Using Circuit Boards

Artist Julie Chappell, based in Portsmouth, UK creates beautiful miniature sculptures of insects using circuit boards found inside discarded electronics.  “My art involves breaking down the pre-existing materials, reinterpreting them and offering them a new form with new purpose, creating something beautiful, whimsical and precious,” she said. Her series is...

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Gravity Glue: The Art of Rock Balancing

There are many different art forms these days, but the art of rock balancing seems extraordinary. Sculptor Michael Grub has done what no other has, perfecting the art of defying gravity.  He calls his project Gravity Glue.  He uses his rock balancing skill as a performance art, he creates unique...

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