Tago Arc E-Ink Bracelet

The new Tago Arc bracelet, by Liber8 gives new meaning to the term ‘wearable technology’.  It’s a combination of  high fashion with high technology.  Seems a bit from the future but it is very much today with its cutting edge technology.



This new bracelet can’t notify you of incoming calls or monitor your activities, but it sure can make you look good.  All you need is an NFC enabled Android phone to transfer images on to your bracelet.  You can create your own designs with each outfit or you can buy images from the accompanying app for around $1 a pop.  Once you select the image of your choice, tap your smartphone against the bracelet and watch the design change before your very eyes.


Unfortunatley the device doesn’t work with iOS yet.  Since it has no other features and uses a low power e-ink screen, it doesn’t need batteries to work.  It takes about 15 seconds to transfer an image, but the Tago Arc team is working on speeding up the process before the product ships out to backers in December.


The Tago Arc bracelet will come in three different sizes and will use surgical stainless steel with a precious metal coating.  Liber8 explains “The Tago Arc uses NFC instead of Bluetooth because NFC is easier to use, smoother and consumes less energy overall.”  NFC induces enough energy during image transfer that the small e-ink display is able to reconstruct the chosen image.  The Tago Arch does not need to be charged, or plugged into a power source or your phone.  It needs absolutely no cord or charging and it has no buttons on it.  “The Tago Arc is a comfortable wearable tech for the sole purpose of looking good,” it’s not a smartwatch or a smart accessory, it has no buttons or ports.” It’s simply an awesome piece of jewelry.  tago4

You will have a choice of gold, silver, or matte back.  The bracelet is a crowdfunding project, so it isn’t available for direct purchasing just yet.  Prices start at $259.  If you want to own go to Indiegoo and pre-order one for $159.

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