Tech toys you must have: Xbox One

Talk about kick-ass gaming consoles and the first name that should come to your mind should be the Xbox 720 or now known as the Xbox One. Heir to the Xbox 360 this monster of a gaming console will surely blow every one away. It is codenamed ‘Durango’, it’s made a veritable flutter of speculation. The console  includes a Blu-ray,  it can also record from live TV, one can also play 3D games and a restored  xbox 360 kinect device that will be coupled with enhanced reality cup, 500 HDD and a staggering 5 billion transistors. Xbox One will operate on 8GB RAM and a quad-core processor hence the processing power is naturally increased beyond any of the competitors.

Xbox One


Don Mattrick took the stage to reveal the next incarnation of the console in a world wide revealing of the game. The Xbox One kind of looks like an old VCR. But one of the features that the MS was more inclined towards in showing off was the next generation kinetic. Another interesting features is the voice command, just by saying “Xbox on” the console will turn on and you will see the home screen, it also features other commands through voice that will make the console shift to whatever it is that you want it to do given that its with in the domain of commands.

The new kinetic sensor bar operates with a 1080 HD camera integrated in it, better voice recognition and a improved capability to detect the hand, wrist and shoulder movements. This as a whole improves the gaming experience and takes it to a whole other level. All this is not cheap either, buying one of these babies will cost you atleast 400 quids (approximate). The Xbox One has over 40 design improvements. It now includes new impulse triggers, a new d-pad and an enhanced, longer lasting battery, integrated by default so no more fiddling with batteries if you don’t buy a separate rechargeable power pack. Ladies and gentlemen this is one tech toy that you must have if you can mange it.

Xbox One




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