Technology Meets Shoe-Wear In The Form Of ShiftWear Sneakers

Fashion trends are changing too often and it becomes quite a hassle to keep up with them. However, with ShiftWear sneakers you can be sure that you’ll always come out ahead. It is a new shoe concept that aims at keeping you up to date with the latest style while allowing you to coordinate the footwear with any outfit. These sneakers have been designed using flexible E Ink color displays that are customizable by employing the use of animations or images directly from a tablet or smartphone.Technology Meets Shoe-Wear In The Form Of ShiftWear Sneakers 5

Although they lack the self-lacing capabilities, the integrated flexible panels act as an open canvas for every user to impart them the option of matching the mood, season or attire. The users need to only power the sneakers on and then select a design from the companion app. Every pair of the ShiftWear sneakers sports always-on E Ink displays that are similar to the ones found in e-readers. The batteries have been built-in and have been designed to last up to 30 days depending upon the kind of visuals that are being employed. The battery life is increased if the visuals are limited to static images whereas it depletes quicker if the visuals being employed are animated graphics. The team is working on incorporating wireless charging capabilities along with the ‘Walk-N-Charge’ technology to allow the shoes to charge while the user walks.Technology Meets Shoe-Wear In The Form Of ShiftWear Sneakers 4

As of now, no communication method has been disclosed as to how the ShiftWear sneakers will be pairing up with the mobile device that will be running the companion app (Android, iOS, Windows). This app will, however, allow the user to browse through, download and even program designs for the shoes. Users will be able to create these visuals for themselves or they can put them up on the marketplace for others to place orders and purchase them. The displays are not front lint and this simply translates into that in low-light situation the images and animations would exhibit a limited visibility.Technology Meets Shoe-Wear In The Form Of ShiftWear Sneakers 2

The ShiftWear sneakers are intended to be waterproof and machine washable and while there are no plans for making the soles replaceable, they will be coated with Kevlar fiber for them to last longer. The ShiftWear sneakers are currently raising funds on Indiegogo and have already raised 389% of the $25,000 goal within 10 days with another 20 days to go before the campaign ends. The shoes will be made available in high top, medium or low styles with a variety of colors with minimum pledges beginning at $150.Technology Meets Shoe-Wear In The Form Of ShiftWear Sneakers

If everything goes according to the plan, ShiftWear sneakers will begin shipment by mid-2016. Now this is one gadget that we would like to get our hands on. What about you?


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