Teddy Bear Toast is Bearilicious!!

When we think of Japan, robotics and technology come to mind, but there’s another market they have mastered, cute food.   A Japanese company Tokyu Hands has made a teddy bear toast stamp that will make your breakfast bearilicious!



Now you can make breakfast a lot of fun for your kids and yourself too.  The teddy bear toast stamp is a mold which is pressed against an uncooked slice of bread to get a bear shape out of the boring square bread piece.  The stamp comes with three additional attachments to change the bear’s expression.  Once you’ve pressed the design into the toast, you can pop it into the toaster and enjoy breakfast like never before.  More than just perforating the outline of an adorable bear into a slice of bread, the stamp lets you prop the little guy up, as if he’s sitting down at the table with you.  It just might be too cute to eat.

teddy2 teddy5 teddy3

What’s exciting us the most about this teddy bear stamp is the amount of daily tantrums that will be controlled because of it.  All moms know how exciting it is when our kids enjoy their meals especially healthy ones.  Un-bearably cute, this little teddy bear is going to bring a lot of smiles to the breakfast table.

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