10 Of The Biggest Ships That Rule The Oceans

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Ships are a remarkable feat of engineering; heaviest objects to float on water, an expanse of metal on wavering seas that are a world within. As air travel gathered pace, passenger ships slowly dissolved, but to this day, these carriers find their usage in cargo and the transportation industry.

Ships that are carriers are engineered in huge sizes, sometimes known as super tanks. Many of these exist, or used to, that carry the titles of largest ships ever built. Here are the top ten on the list:

10. The MS Vale Brasil aka MS Ore Brasil

The MS Vale Brasil was designed to carry iron ore, which gave it its nickname, the MS Ore Brasil. It is among the world’s largest bulk carriers, measuring 1,188 feet. Its top speed is 14.9 knots. Starting its career in 2011 for Brazilian mining company called Vale, it is also known as the Valemax vessel.

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9. The Jarmada Class

Before being decommissioned in 2008, The Jarmada Class carried oil around the world for 32 years. It measured 1,225 feet and is now used as a storage tank barge.

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8. The Globtik Tokyo

This 1,242 feet supertanker is known as the biggest oil tankers ever made. It was one of the three of its class in 1973, reaching a top speed of 17 knots. After serving for 13 years, its usage has now stopped.

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7. The TI class Supertanker Hellesport Alhambra

This crude oil carrier is still in use today, and measures 1,246 feet. This ship is popular for looking like a floating iceberg, owing to its snow white color.

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6. The Emma Maersk

First among A. P. Moller-Maersk Group’s eight E-class container ships, this beauty measures 1,305 feet and reaches a top speed of 26 knots. Since 2006, its title as the largest ship has been broken, but it remains the 6th largest ship to exist.

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5. The Esso Atlantic

The Esso Atlantic served for 35 years before being scrapped in Pakistan in 2002. This 1,334 feet long oil tanker served the seas for 35 years.

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4. The Prairial Supertanker

Built in 1979 for the Compagnie Nationale de Navigation, the Prairial Supertanker navigated the seas until 2003 with its 16 knots top speed. This beast was a 1,359 feet and is also fondly remembered as Sea Brilliance.

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3. The Batillus Supertanker

This 1,359 feet long supertanker was built for Shell Oil, France as one of the biggest container ships. It carried its last batch to Taiwan in 1983, where it was scrapped after 13 years of service.

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2. The Pierre Guillaumat Supertanker

This supertanker was built in 1977 but never saw the seas due to many employment restriction pertaining to its size. Panning a length of 1,360 feet, it was demolished, unused, in South Korea in 1983.

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1. The Seawise Giant aka Knock Nevis

The largest ship to exist is The Seawise Giant, measuring a staggering 1,504 feet. Its many names include Happy Giant, Jahre Viking, Oppama and Mont, and this beast displaces 657, 019 tonnes of water. Due to its huge size, the ship couldn’t even navigate the English Channel, Panama Canal or the Suez Canal. Built in Japan in 1979, the Happy Giant made its finally journey in 2009.

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10 Of The Biggest Ships That Rule The Oceans

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