Tesla Rolls Out An Economic Model S 70D

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Electric vehicles have become the future of cars.  Imagine driving, whizzing by traffic, without using a drop of gasoline.  The 2015 Tesla Model S 70D may be the company’s entry-level model, but it’s performance is taking everyone by storm.

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The 70D’s acceleration is superb, pushing your passengers back in their seats at the speedometer soars.  All-wheel drive now comes standard on the base Tesla Model S, as the 70D replaces last year’s model S 60.  As the name suggests, the car’s batter pack has been upgraded from 60kWh to 0 kWh, and driving range on a full charge is up to 208 miles.  Electric cars come with more benefits than just a smooth drive.  Without an internal combustion engine, the 2015 Tesla Model 0D is so silent, you’ll be able to eavesdrop on pedestrians’ phone calls at crosswalks.  The car has the ability to jump from 30-50 mph in two seconds flat, and from 50 -71 in 3.1 seconds.

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The new Tesla has upgraded its equipment as well.  It now includes navigation on its enormous centrally mounted touchscreen, and the addition of all-wheel drive makes it easier to sell the Tesla to shoppers who drive in snow.  It has a starting price of $76,200, the car is put up into a higer bracket.  It puts it up there with a comparable German sedan.  Given that the new car also has improved performance, a longer driving range, and extra standard features, the 70D’s price tag is actually a bargain.

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From software updates to the addition of all-wheel drive, and a competitive starting price, the 2015 Tesla Model S 70D makes you want to switch from a gas-powered luxury sedan.  Anyone who gets behind the wheel of any Tesla Model S, they will become an instant electric-car convert.  The will be available in three colors:  ocean blue, obsidian black, and warm silver.

Tesla Rolls Out An Economic Model S 70D

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