‘The Alternative’ Makes Bullets Less Than Lethal

There are many trigger happy police officers out on the streets who do more damage than good.  At times wildly shot bullets result in lethal interaction between cops and suspects.  Alternative Ballistics, a California company has presented “The Alternative”, a pistol accessory that helps police officers fire the first round 50% slower.

the alternative3 the alternative2

The Alternative doesn’t interfere with the operation of a handgun in any way.  It easily clips on to the muzzle of the gun and can easily be clipped onto an officer’s belt.  With this attachment the company is hoping to slow down bullets, making them less lethal.  The Alternative holds a hollow metal sphere on the end of a gun’s barrel that’s designed to catch a bullet as it leaves the weapon and hinder its impact.  The metal sphere, made from proprietary metal allow will reduce the speed of a bullet by up to 80 percent while spreading out the point of impact on a target.  Upon impact there’s less of a chance of it piercing flesh, causing serious internal injuries or death, but when it hits a target, the force will still knock a person down.

the alternative4 the alternative

The Alternative’s orange plastic support is automatically ejected from a handgun after a shot has been fired, allowing law enforcement to immediately continue firing with regular rounds as needed.

the alternative7

The technology will be trialled by five Ferguson police training officers.  Al Eickhoff, the department’s assistant chief says “It gives another option.  I really liked it….you’re always looking to save a life, not take a life.”  Alternative Ballistics’ chief executive, Christian Ellis said that the device has not yet been trialled on a human body but has been tested on foam, gel, and leather chamois.  With almost 1,500 police killings in the U.S. between January 2014 and April 2015, “The Alternative” is a device that offers hope.


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