The Beam Smart Projector

These days, there are projectors small enough that you can mount them wherever you want, but now there’s a new product, the Beam smart projector, developed by a Los Angeles based startup company of the same name that provides a more convenient option.  The Beam smart projector easily screws into a light socket to get power.

projector2 projector1

Beam is an Android powered projector that runs apps, streams media, or performs a task like load Netflix as soon as you turn on Bluetooth speakers.  The projector has a small flat side so that you can set it on a flat surface, but it’s not as stable as when it’s screwed into a light socket.  While mounted into in a socket, you can use it to project a virtual gaming surface onto your tabletop.


Other than its’ mounting options, Beam’s Android based OS lets you automate the device with if-then macros.  The Beam app will be available on iOS as well.  You can have it turn on at certain times, open a specific program based on who’s nearby.  The projector also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.  Unfortunately, the 854×480 resolution won’t be making this the center of your entertainment setup, but that may change between now and when it’s actually released.


Beam is seeking funding on Kickstarter.  You can pre-order a Beam for $399.  The product will hopefully be delivered in October 2015.

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