The BOLD Knot – Super Fast Charging On A Keychain

Smartphones play a very integral part in our lives and we try to use them until the very last drop of battery juice is left.  Sometimes our batteries last the whole day and other times we’re desperately looking for an outlet to plug in the phone, but what if you’re not near an outlet?  That’s where handy external batteries come in.  These wonderful gadgets come in all shapes and sizes and we’re going to discuss a new gadget called the BOLD Knot.  It’s an external battery unit that will provide you up to 3 extra hours of battery time.

bold knot2 bold knot4 bold knot1

BOLD Gadgets is a company founded in Estonia for creating fashionable tech gadgets.  They are currently seeking crowdfunding on Indiegogo for their new product called the BOLD Knot.  The BOLD Knot is portable and handy and can be carried effortlessly as a key chain.  It comes in a variety of colors to harmonize with your style and help you feel fashionable.  The charging cable comes in a neat bundle of knots, hence the name.  It has a cable on each end, one for the USB adapter and other for your phone (micro USB or Lightning).  The BOLD Knot is basically a spherical power cell wrapped in a para-cord material that charges cables.  The cable charge your phone twice as fast as when your BOLD Knot is plugged into your laptop by blocking data communication between the computer and your smartphone, and once it is done recharging your phone, it recharges itself.  It’s not meant to fully charge your iPhone or Galaxy Note, but it will give you enough juice to power through another couple hours of data usage.

bold knot3 bold knot6

The BOLD Gadgets team started their funding campaign on Indiegogo and it was nearly half funded within a few hours.  If you want to get your own BOLD Knot, the early bird price is $29.  The actual price is $39.  The BOLD Knot is available with either a micro-USB or Lightning plug.  Shipping is free in the US and delivery will begin in October.

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