The Dainese Airbag Jacket For Bikers Is Pure Awesomeness!

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With the amount of mortal injuries increasing for motorcyclists, the need for airbags for those who prefer two wheels was dire. Thankfully, airbags have been available for motorcyclists for quite some time now, but they are dependent on external systems. Some are triggered by wireless commands from the motorcycle while the less reliable rip-cord arrangement is also there, which deploys the airbag when the biker parts company with the bike. An ideal arrangement would be airbags integrated within the jacket itself and Dainese have developed just the thing.

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Called the Misano 1000 D-air jacket, the name refers to the amount of times i.e. 1000, that the D-air units have been used on racing circuits and highways around the world. The data is collected from these incidents which is used to improve the efficiency of the algorithms of this system. The BMW-Alpinestars Tech-air system is different from this one as it uses the configuration of the world champions Marc Marquez, Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa on the race track only.

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The complex Misano 1000 system uses integrated sensors, control sensors and a GPS unit in the back protector of the jacket. The 3D airbag has an even inflation of 50 mm (2 in) over the entire jacket. The sensors in the back protector scan and monitor the body of the rider 800 times per second, enabling them to calculate when to precisely deploy the air bag, taking into account the nature of impact as well, successfully determining if the impact is front, high slide or tumbling slide.

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This jacket is sure to save many lives in the coming years. It can also protect from other injuries and fractures especially to the collar bone, chest area and the back of the rider. The system can be turned ON or OFF using a simple switch in the flap of the jacket, though we won’t recommend turning it off if you are on the bike. The LED indicators on the right sleeve indicates the status of the unit.

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Production is already underway and Dainese are planning to release the Misano 1000 later this year. The jacket airbag system will set you back $1699 but that’s a meager cost when you consider that this jacket might as well save your life.

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The Dainese Airbag Jacket For Bikers Is Pure Awesomeness!

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