The Dark Knight Rises for iPad – Review

This $6.99 game, scheduled to coincide with the release of the most anticipated movie of the year, captures the look and feel of The Dark Knight movies while delivering an engaging video game experience that stretches from Gotham City’s rooftops to its underbelly.

Be warned though, don’t play this game unless you have seen the movie, for it is rife with spoilers.

Gameloft’s The Dark Knight Rises spans six chapters, each with multiple missions that allow you to glide from rooftop to rooftop, hop on the Bat-Pod, and fight foes in hand to hand close combat. The game features plenty of action both indoor and outdoor so that the gameplay never gets repetitive. And to save you the hassle, the game saves automatically from time to time.


Although there are some problems with the camera but it doesn’t get in the way of gameplay. Game’s combat consists of striking, evading, and countering performed by an individual virtual button when you’re in close proximity to an enemy. You can also stun your enemies from a distance with the Batarang or drag them toward you after ensnaring them with your grapnel gun’s cable. You also have the option of some truly impressive combo strings all in very cool slow-motion effects. You then also have the Tech Shop, where Batman powers up his abilities and gadgetry. You can increase weapon potency, Bat-Pod capabilities, and also outfit Master Wayne with powerful abilities. You get all these abilities o upgrades through credit, credit that you earn by bringing justice to the streets of Gotham city. But then there are upgrades that can only be bought when you have reached a certain level.

All in all, this is another masterpiece from Gameloft, who keep on bringing console-quality titles to this platform. A must buy.


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