The IdeaStick Stick 300 Is Lenovo’s Portable Windows PC

What might seem like an over-sized memory stick at first glance, is actually a fully-operating Windows PC. Lenovo’s IdeaStick Stick 300 provides the user with an experience of a Windows PC, even without the high-end specifications, the IdeaStick Stick 300 is still attracting attention as it is offered at a more appealing price as compared to the previous Intel Products of similar nature.


The IdeaStick Stick 300 is HDMI enabled, and it allows the user to access their Windows PC on any HDMI-equipped screen or TV into a Windows PC. The purpose of the IdeaStick is to allow the user to use their Windows PC anywhere with the help of a HDMI-equipped screen. The device is designed to be affordable and portable, that makes it the ideal device for a number of scenarios, like taking it along on a vacation or using it as a media hub.


The hardware is not as exciting as you’d like in a Windows PC, but with that much space to house the whole PC, Lenovo did do an excellent job. The Lenovo IdeaStick Stick 300 provides its buyers with 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of Internal Storage and runs on Intel Atom Processor (Z3735F).

The IdeaStick is to be shipped with Windows 8.1, and will be eligible for a Windows 10 update when the update rolls out on July 29. The IdeaStick Stick 300 provides the user with a number of connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 and also provides the user with a microSD slot.

There have been other such products in the market, the Intel Compute Stick being an example was launched in a lower-end Ubuntu powered version priced at $89 and a high-end variant that matched the specifications of the Lenovo IdeaStick Stick 300 but costs $20 more than the Lenovo device.

Considering all these market pricings, The Lenovo IdeaStick Stick 300 seems like a pretty good deal for those looking for a portable Windows solution. The design is quite adequate, functional looking and simple with only 15 mm (0.59 in) in thickness.

The IdeaStick Stick 300 was planned to be launched in July for $129.

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