The Infinity Pen Is A Gadget You Can Use In 729 Different Ways

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The pen is probably the most powerful inventions ever.  It’s a tool which allows one to show their creativeness, sign business deals, and so much more.  Without the pen many ideas would remain just that…..an idea.  Stories, imaginations, and creativity can be expressed with the greatness of the pen and its authors.  However, you’d think that maybe pen is something that can no longer be re-invented, right?  Think again for a duo has come up with probably the gadget of the year.  The Infinity Pen is a new modular pen that has been launched on Indiegogo.  The creators are two young men, Karel Wawreczka and Marek Schwarz  from Czech Republic who love simple designs that are practical at the same time.

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The Infinity Pen gives you 729 possibilities of how to use this pen.  There are many things you can do with this pen and when you’re not doing anything you can simply play with the magnets.  Steve Jobs says “Design is not just what it looks like.  Design is how it works.” It’s ideal for students who need to visualize things.  The Infinity pen has many components, a highlighter, a thin marker, and a pen.  You can use whatever suits you best.

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The pen itself is made from aluminum and neodymium magnets, also referred to as ‘rare earth’.  Aluminum was used because it’s lighter than titanium and it preserves its hardness and resistance.  Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnet commercially available.    You have the option of putting 9 different high quality refills inside the Infinity Pen.  The refills are supplied by a manufacturer that has been in the market since 1940 so you need not worry about the quality of the refills.  Eventhough the size of the refills are small, they last up to 50% time of a usual pen.  The refills stick firmly into one another so there are no issues with the precision of the product.

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The Infinity Pen is all you’ll ever need.  Being able to adjust the pen according to what you need at the time lets you carry on with a project, never having to go searching for a highlighter or marker.  Another great aspect of the pen is that hidden under the second cap you’ll find a stylus.  The width of the stylus is 5mm and can be used on all contact surfaces, smartphones and tablets.  Now, for the absolute most amazing part of this product, the pen beautifully levitates above the box and its one side is leaned on a transparent glass.  This levitation box will accent your office or desk.

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The Infinity Pen makes for a great gift.  You can also personalize the pen, either for yourself or for whoever you’re giving it to.  The pen will be in stock in America as well as Europe.  Hopefully at the end of the campaign the creators want to be able to ship anywhere in the world.  You can get the Infinity Pen for $25 and another $25 will buy you the levitation box.

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The Infinity Pen Is A Gadget You Can Use In 729 Different Ways

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