The Level Board Keeps You On The Move

We all know that sitting for long periods of time is not good for us, so we began using standing desks.  A new product called the Level Board takes things a bit further.  This contraption requires you to maintain your balance as you stand at your desk.


The Level Board is designed to force subtle movement out of you, but not so much that you’re distracted from working.  Balancing yourself forces you to make subconscious adjustments that increase your heart rate and require an amount of motion similar to that required by walking.


The brain behind the project is Joel Heath you used to run an ad agency and then sold his company and took a job at Teva footwear.  He got sick and tire of sitting for eight hour every day so he got a standing desk.  That didn’t quite work out for him either so 27 prototypes later The Level was born.  It’s a surfboard-like platform that requires the user to constantly make small movements with their feet to stay upright.  “It’s the first 10 minutes that I can tell someone has never been on it.  From behind, you can see their fine twitch muscles working, and as they relax into it, you see their body already knows how to move,” says Heath.


“I just felt like there had to be a better way.  I started to play with the idea that if you put a subtle rocker under the foot, you could move out of the sedentary state” said Heath.  The California startup, Fluidstance says The Level increases your heart rate by 15 percent compared to a sitting position and an increase in motion of than 20 times that of standing at your desk.


Fluidstance hopes to appeal to a largely sedentary working population.  Crafted from military grade aluminium with a laminated wooden finish on top, The Level can be yours for a pledge of $289.  If all goes as planned the company says shipping will begin in May 2015.

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