The Luna Lamp by Studio Acorn Lets You Bring The Moon Home!

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As a child we all loved watching the moon follow us.  Now you can bring the moon along with you.  Inspired by the moon, Taiwan based Studio Acorn have designed “Luna”, a soft, subtle lamp to illuminate your living space.

luna lamp1

The round Luna Lamp looks exactly like the real moon, with its soft yellow glow and a surface with patchy light and dark patter.  The company is currently seeking funding via Indiegogo.

luna lamp8

luna lamp3

The lamp has an adjustable luminosity and comes in seven different sizes, ranging from 3.2 inches in diameter to 23.6 inches.  Studio Acorn says that the lamp is quite durable, so it can be put on the floor and even be played with.  It’s made from fiberglass and latex making it water resistant, heat-resistant and ‘crashable’.  The lamp can be placed on the floor or can be hung from the ceiling via a hook and string.  Light comes from a halogen bulb, except the XXS size which uses an LED bulb and a battery rather than a power cable.

luna lamp5 luna lamp4

According to the company: “Luna is a design decor that turns your home into a magical world.  It’s a lamp that lighten up your favorite reading corner.  It’s your companion who embraces you with tenderness and warmth late at night when things in life just go smoothly.  Your mood varies every day, but Luna stays the same for you.  You deserve a better way of living with Luna.”

luna lamp9 luna lamp7

You can buy the smallest size for $75 and the largest size for $875 which sound pretty steep.  Buying via Indiegogo will get you a 20% discount on most sizes.  The campaign ends October 31st, so if you’re interested, hurry up.  Even though there’s no comparison to looking up at the full moon on a clear night, you can now have the next best thing.


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