The “Paper Like A Digital Camera”

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The latest technology, funkiest gadgets, and smartest devices have become the norm these days.  We’re always waiting and on the lookout for the next piece of awesomeness that will spark our interest.  As we all know digital cameras are out there making every Tom, Dick, and Harry a professional photographer.  The “Paper Like A Digital Camera” is a new, fun alternative to snapping pictures on your phone.  The crazy part about it all is that it only takes up as much room as a small address book.

paper like a digital camera 6

paper like a digital camera 3

This novelty tech gadget is super thin, only 6mm thick.  It is a video-capable digital camera framed into a thin body, that can also take voice recordings, so we can forgive its very weird name.

paper like a digital camera 5paper like a digital camera 2

The amazing thing about this camera is that it manages to fit so many features into such a tiny body.  Not only can it take photos and video, but the camera itself comes with an on/off switch to access different modes, a microSD card slot (with up to 16GB or storage) “Say Whaaaat??!!”, an LED light to signal which mode is ‘active’, and a convenient USB 2 terminal for transferring photos to your PC with ease.  The USB terminal can also be used for charging. The front and back of the 6.8x2x0.6cm camera are held together by a pair of plastic nuts and screws.

paper like a digital camera. 4jpg

The modes on the camera are color specified, blue meaning the video mode is on and purple for voice recording mode.  We’re not talking about high quality images, but for a camera that weighs 43 grams, the photos and videos aren’t that bad.  Costing only $28, this camera sure packs a punch and it comes with a 6-month warranty.  It comes with a built-in battery and even a strap so you can wear it around your neck.  This camera is available from the Shanghai Donya online store.

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