The Perfect Circle Freehand: Is it possible?

To draw the perfect circle freehand is no easy task. We keep on erasing edges and re-drawing  to achieve perfection.

freehand circle2

When you want to draw a circle, you need several tools to create a perfect one, but from now on you’ll be able to draw a nearly perfect circle using just a piece of paper, a pen, and your hands of course. Dave Hax has come up with a simple technique to draw a perfect circle which could be useful for drawing charts and diagrams.  Hax has uploaded his tutorial video on YouTube. The basic ideal to this technique is to use part of your hand or fingers as a pivot point, then keeping the pen stationary you rotate the paper….cool, huh?  Different areas of your hand leads to making different size circles.

freehand circle5 freehand circle3

freehand circle1

Dave Hax is responsible for bringing us simple how to and craft videos.  He is a lifehacker, a person who looks at like with a slightly ‘out of the box’ view.  He tries to come up with techniques to make things easier.  His online tutorial videos have made quite a mark in the cyber world. So get your piece of paper and go for it, draw a circle.

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