The Perfect Cookie Machine For The Perfect Cookie…..EVERYTIME!

perfect cookie machine1

We all love chocolate chip cookies we always want the best, a warm, soft, chewy cooking, oozing with chocolate.  Unfortunately no two batches are ever the same.  In his quest to create the perfect cookie, engineer Ben Krasnow from San Francisco has invented a machine that might solve many baking dilemmas.

perfect cookie machine2

This valve engineer’s machine mixes the perfect amount of each baking ingredient to make a single cookie.  Using specially designed software, the recipe of every single cookie can be changed to different preferences.  For those who like chewier cookies, they move change around the software which sends a signal to the machine to release more flour.

perfect cookie machine3 perfect cookie machine5

The single serving cookie machine claims to measure the ingredients completely accurately each time.  “This machine allows me to mix a single cookie and vary the recipe for each cookie on the sheet” says Mr. Krasnow.  “Hence, I can test many different recipe variations with one batch of ingredients in one afternoon.”

perfect cookie machine4 perfect cookie machine6

Serious Eats Chief Creative Officer James Kenji Lopez-Alt baked 1,536 cookies in order to find the perfect mix and perfect chocolate chip cookie.  We reckon this machine would be a lifesaver for this cookie expert.  Unfortunately, a major downside is that the machine only makes one cookie at a time.  Now you’ll never mess up a batch of cookies again!

The Perfect Cookie Machine For The Perfect Cookie…..EVERYTIME!

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