The Pneumad: Inflatable Portable Shelter

Easier than setting up a tent and big enough to fit a small party of people comfortably, the Pneumad is an inflatable portable shelter. The even more interesting specification of this portable shelter is that it blows up itself.



The Pneumad is an inflatable portable shelter which is easily be towed and unpacked from the trailer. You simply turn on the air pump and the structure inflates effortlessly.  It also comes with some furniture which can be used either inside or outside.  When looking for camping tents or other outdoor shelter, your main concern is if it’s easy to set up.  With the Pneumad you have no worries.  This inflatable structure takes up relatively little space but spreads out to create a grand shelter.

pneumad3The trailer that carries the portable shelter is made from steel and aluminum, while the inflatable shelter is made from polyethylene and rip-stop nylon. When the user is ready to set up camp all that needs to be done is unloading the Pneumad and laying it on the floor.  The structure inflates in under a minute, which could mean a quick run to the loo for the user.  The great thing about this is that small vehicles can tow this too unlike other portable shelters which require trailers to transport.


The creators of the Pneumad are architecture firm Min|Day . They say it was designed for the nomadic traveler.  The Pneumad was shown at the Truck-A-Tecture show at Kaneko gallery in Omaha.  The exhibiton was set up to explore the concept of mobile architecture.  Other companies are inquiring about the product to be used as a portable information center.

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