The Power Pen: Charge Your Phone AND Write

Since high-tech computers have been a part of our lives, the need to actually write things down has decreased, but as humble as the mighty pen is, it will always be needed.  If you pair your everyday pen with a smartphone charger then the Power Pen is what you’ll get.  On the surface, it’s a sleek, brushed aluminium stylus, but with just a slight twist, you can unlock the full power of this mighty pen.powerpen2

The Power Pen brings together the traditional pen and a built-in battery to give your mobile devices a little extra juice.  Now the two most borrowed items in the entire world, finally unite in one ground-breaking device.  The Power Pen is the world’s first pen/smartphone batter hybrid.  Aesthetically it looks just like a regular stylus, but when you turn it, a ballpoint pen appears, and when you twist off the other end, a built-in battery charger emerges for your smartphone.  So, it’s functional and stylish at the same time.


The charging end comes with both tips for lightning plugs and microUSB plugs, so whether you’re an Apple user or an Android user, it works with both.  The batter within the pen is a 700mAh battery, isn’t going to go a long way, but it’s good enough to get you out of the red for a couple of hours.  To recharge the internal battery, simply plug in the other end of the pen into any USB or USB wall charger.powerpen3

The Power Pen is available in black and gold, and is expected to begin shipping on December 19, 2014 for US $40.  So, other than the pen having hidden cameras or hidden microphones in them, they now have smartphone chargers in them….convenience at its best.

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