The Scrubba Wash Pack Is A Washing Machine You Can Wear On Back

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Have you ever thought about wearing your washing machine on your back? No? Well, Ashley Newland of Melbourne definitely has, and his idea has been brought to fruition on Indiegogo for a crowdfunding campaign.

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It is an upgarde on the Scrubba Wash Bag launched in 2012: a bag fitted with an internal washboard so you could wash your clothes in minutes. The recent upgrade, the Scrubba Wash Pack is a design modification that makes the bag a backpack, a waist bag and a sling bag, whatever you choose.

Newland, a proponent of traveling ultra-light designed the Scrubba Wash pack as your one in all traveling companion. Carry clothes in it by day, and wash them right in it by night. Travel clean by the next day! No need to carry horrendous amounts of clothing while you trot the globe.

The Scrubba Wash Pack is sturdy and water proof. It is adjustable, so you can assemble it as either a fully functional backpack, a messenger style sling bag with reachable pockets to store your cards and phone in the shoulder straps, and an optional waist strap. Its back panel is abrasion resistant for an extra pump of durability.

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The inside of the bag has numerous nobules capable of giving a machine quality clothes wash. The procedure couldn’t be simpler: fill with soap, water and clothes, deflate the bag and rub from the outside for a few minutes. Open, rinse, dry, wear! A polyether urethane coating saves the inside of the bag from water damage, and the nobules add the washboard characteristic wash to the pack. This washing apparatus can hold 13 Liters in its belly.

Scrubba Wash Pack (1)Scrubba Wash Pack (5)

Scrubba’s straps are not just pocketed. They are padded to add to the wearer’s comfort, and the bag itself weighs just 300 grams so the carrier doesn’t become the carried.

As the team hits the US $15,000 mark on its crowd capital, the Scrubba Wash Pack will go into production.  For the early birds, the Scrubba is available for $79 and will be on their backs by October of this year.

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