The Sense Sleep System : New and Smart Sleep System

Didn’t sleep well last night?  Woke up all groggy and don’t know why?  Well now with the new Sense sleep system your sleep behavior can be tracked and it can monitor the environment of your bedroom.  The Sense sleep system is simple, uncomplicated and useful while being easily available via our iPhone and Android applications.


Sense is supposed to monitor your sleep patterns with data it gets from your bedroom such as noise, light, temperature, humidity and particles in the air.  Since we spend a lot of time in bed we want to maximize that experience.  The system includes a device that sits on your nightstand monitoring the conditions around you, a sleep pill which discreetly clips to your pillow, and a mobile application to bring it all together.  Sense also has a speaker to play any type of noise or music that helps you sleep better.  sense2The speaker is also used to play Sense’s SmartAlarm to wake you up when u want to.  The Sleep Pill that attaches to your pillow senses when you’re falling asleep, soundly asleep, thrashing around, or waking up but please remember one thing, it can’t replace Mom.  Sense’s Sleep Score records all the data and lets you know how well you slept and if you didn’t sleep well, why? Was it the garbage truck? Or a dog barking? So you can fix whatever is preventing you from a good night’s sleep.  sense1The multiple sensors that the Sense contains are very sophisticated. Ambient light sensor picks up on light, whether continuous or flashing.  Temperature and humidity sensors detect temperature and humidity and determines what you like best and particulate sensors which can spot things floating in the air to perhaps avoid certain allergies.



The Sense’s design is aesthetically appealing while protecting everything inside so that the sensors function perfectly.  Sleep improves our memory and immune systems.  sense3It helps in weight management and stress.  Sense has been designed and built for almost two thirds of the population, people who aren’t getting enough sleep.  So if you’re like us and want to be productive during the day, you’ll want Sense to let you sleep productively at night.

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