The Skarp Laser Razor Breaks 5000 Year Old Tradition

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To an unseeing eye, the Skarp Razor looks like a traditional razor with blades. But its much more different than that. It actually uses laser to cut through hair on any part of the body, without irritating the skin while preventing cuts and infections. Some advantages of the Skarp Razor are:

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Shaving has been done using traditional methods for over 5000 years and no substantial progress has been made in this regard. The fact that over 2 billion razors are thrown away each year in the USA alone provides some insight to the size of this industry and yet no breakthroughs have been made to make this experience more advanced.Skarp Razor Uses Laser For Shaving 2

The traditional razor blade are hazardous as they cannot be reused and have to be dumped in landfills and garbage dumps. The plastic cannot be separated because that would make the whole process uneconomical. So all these razors are dumped away as waste. The Skarp Razor uses lasers instead of blades and thus poses little to no health hazard as compared to the traditional razor blades. Moreover, shaving requires water which many men tend to waste by keeping the tap open throughout the process. Even though the Skarp Razor can be used with water, it is not essential to the shaving process, making it even more environment friendly.

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The Skarp Laser Razor is the brainchild of Dr. Morgan Gustavsson who invented and pateneted the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) in 1989, which is still the preferred method of laser hair removal. The idea was first thought of in 2001 and Dr. Gustavsson spent the next decade creating a laser that could cut through any hair color and finally managed to do so with the help of his assisters Paul Binun and Christopher Zachary. The first prototype was developed in 2013.

The breakthrough came when the team discovered a chromophore present in every human hair, regardless of color, age and race. This was a major help as all that needed done now was to develop a laser according to that chromophore. A chromophore is a substance that absorbs certain wavelengths of light. Thus, the task became easier as now they developed a laser that was sensitive to substances in the hair and not the hair color. Thus, Skarp was born.

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The initial design prototypes are made of 6061 aluminum and feel great in the hand. But for mass production, the team requires funds to start. They have started a campaign aimed at raising money for their project Skarp and to revolutionize the 5000 year old method of shaving. The following video contains all the details you need to know about the Skarp Laser Razor.


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The Skarp Laser Razor Breaks 5000 Year Old Tradition

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