The Sound Torch Is Where Music And Pyrotechnics Meet

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We’ve seen many Bluetooth speakers in the past but, there’s a new speaker that is burning to come out on the market that will leave you in awe.  It’s called The Sound Torch and it’s a portable Bluetooth speaker that adds a unique visual element to your listening experience.sound torch5

The Sound Torch is the creation of a Danish company that are currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.  They wish to create a pair of wireless speakers with real flames shooting out the top.  Inventor Markus Buch, engineer Matt Ward, and designer Christian Fisker have combined music and fire to bring you this visually attractive product.  They want to bring pyrotechnics to the masses.

sound torch4 sound torch2

It sound dangerous, but the Sound Torch uses an established method of controlling flames known as a ‘Rubens’ Tube’.  Regular lighter fluid is passed under a grid of small holes, escaping at a regular rate and burning away.  Sending a sound wave through the gas changes the pressure slightly in some areas, making the gas come out faster or slower depending on the frequency of the sound.  The Sound Cloud alters the pressure to create patterns in the flames that match the music or media you’re playing.  It not only adds wireless sound, but also a smartphone app to adjust the flame height and other settings.

sound torch3

The batteries last seven to eight hours, but you’ll have to refuel every four hours or so.  Due to the nature of the speakers, they have included certain safety features such as the Sound Cloud shutting off if the temperature gets too high, no input detected, or the speaker is knocked on the floor.  The creators suggest it isn’t suitable for anyone under the age of 18.  You can secure a speaker for yourself for $160 if and when the product ships.  If everything goes as planned the creators are hoping they can ship The Sound Torch by December 2016.

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