The Supercar Splinter Is Made Of Wood

Meet the North Carolina designer who decided to make use of wood composites for making this supercar. The car makes use of 90% wood composites and is known as ‘splinter’. It was shown off at the Motor Show in the city of Essen, Germany on 2nd December 2015.The Supercar Splinter Is Made Of Wood

The concept was a brainchild of industrial engineer Joe Harmon and is on display at the Essen Motor Show. The Splinter started off as a graduate school project at North Carolina State University with the aim of creating a vehicle out of renewable and natural building material.The Supercar Splinter Is Made Of Wood 2

Varying kinds of wood have been used along with different wood composites ranging from cherry veneer-balsa core body to wheels with rotary-cut oak veneer spokes located inside rims made of walnut. The chassis is also made of wood mostly in collaboration with a series of bent and molded laminates.The Supercar Splinter Is Made Of Wood 3

The car has not been drive yet, however, it comes with a 7.0 liter small-block V8 that is said to be capable of creating 600-700 horsepower. The engine is not made of wood – as expected – but of aluminum block and heads and stainless steel primaries and mufflers. The car features a long wheel base of 105 inches on a 174.5-inch frame, it has a height of 42 inches and a clearance of 3.5 inches.The Supercar Splinter Is Made Of Wood 4

The final product is the result of 5 years of work and you can appreciate the effort by sharing the news!


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