The VeinViewer Makes Giving Blood Easier By Making Veins Visible

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Putting kids aside, even as adults, many of us don’t care for needles and the stress it causes.  If you’ve ever given blood, you’ll know that even the most skilled nurses and doctors can struggle to locate a vein for the first time.  The VeinViewer is a product developed by Memphis based company, Christie Medical Holdings that uses harmless infrared light to project an image of the patients veins in real-time.

veinviewer2Since nursing staff can view everything in real-time, they can also view if an IV was inserted correctly and view the results instantaneously.  Kids and adults will be happy to have less painful injections.  Hospitals in the US are trialling the device that can locate veins inside a person.  The device attaches to a movable arm that can be wheeled into position, to keep it steady while observing a patient’s arm.  It works by emitting near-infrared light, which is absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood an then reflected by surrounding tissue.  The information is processed digitally by the unit, and projected real-time.  The device can see patterns up to 0.6 inches (15mm deep) and veins up to 0.4 inches (10mm deep).

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A fine detail mode increases the image to view more detailed veins, allowing a clinician to find bifurcations, turns in the veins.  You can also take up to 200 static images of the patient’s vasculature, the arrangement of blood vessels in the body.  “It is also the only device of its kind that has been shown through clinical studies to increase both first hand success satisfaction by up to 100 percent while reducing medically unnecessary lines by over 30%.


Hospitals, clinics, aesthetics and outpatient centers will be able to benefit from the VeinViewer device.  Emergency medical service will be able to use this device right at the scene of an accident or emergency site, saving precious time.  Studies have shown that it can take between 1-14 injections to insert it properly, so by using the VeinViewer that number would be reduced significantly.

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