The Vessyl by Yves Behar – Smart Cup that Analyzes your Drink

Nowadays there are only two types of gadgets; why does this even exist or OMG I want this. The one we’ll be talking about falls in the later category. The gadget is, Vessyl, the cup that can check out what you’re drinking and what kind of stuff are you ingesting and in which quantities. And then it can sync it with your mobile app, which in turn can be synced to your other apps like the calorie counter.The Vessyl by Yves Behar7

As we start analyzing the product, we find the Vessyl, having a brilliant design and amazing build. Built by Yves Behar, one of the best product designers we’ve seen around these days. It’s a hand-wash only product, no instruction manual is needed for the functioning. The display is activated simply by tilting the cup. The wireless charging pads are a beauty and are available in a number of colors. The lids are non-spill design. The inside and lids differ from the outside, which is available ion three monochromatic shades that are Shadow, Snow and Steam. We can all agree that this thing is a masterpiece and surely something you can carry with you on the move.The Vessyl by Yves Behar The Vessyl by Yves Behar2 The Vessyl by Yves Behar4 The Vessyl by Yves Behar6

“Within this field of consumer health we’ve seen these really interesting activity trackers,” says Justin Lee, CEO of Mark One, the company behind the Vessyl. “But what we consume — our food, our beverages — is just as important, if not more important, than burning calories through exercise.”

The Vessyl can analyze your drink and check what amount of calories, proteins, fats, sugar intake etc. are in that drink. It learns overtime your drinking routine and your hydration pattern and then it can help you keep up with that, determining how hydrated you are at all times. The molecular sensor helps the Vessyl analyze your drink and let you know what you are about to pour down your throat. According to Justin Lee, the sensors are so advanced that they can differentiate between Coke and Pepsi. One can program the Vessyl to display how much caffeine is being consumed.Tracking Hydration The Vessyl by Yves Behar8 The Vessyl by Yves Behar9 Vessyl Initial shoot Color Schemes

The retail price for the Vessyl is $199. And with the ease and awareness it offers, it is just a small price to pay surely.


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