The Walk of a Man

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‘Ah, look at him. That’s the walk of a man who has lost everything’; He said, while pointing towards a particular man. John kept on puffing through his pipe, impervious to the comment his colleague had just made while looking at the birds.

Walk of a Man2‘Did you hear me John?’ The colleague barked again, eager for a response on his observation. Finally, John moved the pipe away and said in a casual tone; ‘You lack the necessary perception my friend.’ The colleague, clearly offended, snapped at John again; ‘Who? Me? How come I lack the perception?’ John took another puff from his pipe, tilted his head while focusing on the alone raven who was flying and said, with a flat tone; ‘That’s the walk of a man who has nothing else to lose. And that is the Most dangerous kind; the kind that has nothing more to lose.’

Walk of a ManThe colleague wiped the sweat away from his forehead while he looked at that man again and saw a completely different person. The raven circled the man a couple of times before disappearing into the sky.

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