These 16 Weird Looking Creatures Look Like They Don’t Belong to Earth

This wild and absolute wonderful world we live in will never fail to surprise us.  Some creatures on this earth seem like they’re characters from a Sci-Fi movie and some of them seem to have been left behind by their alien ship.  These bizaare and otherworldly species are nothing like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, but the Planet Earth is full of weird creatures nonetheless.  So, prepare to be amazed, or blown away if you will.

1.  Kuhfisch


Practicing the Blue Steel pose from Zoolander.

2.  Sarcastic Fringehead


Sure looks like a predator to me.

3.  Tongue-eating Louse


Looks like the scene from Men in Black when the dead guy’s face pops open and you realize that there is a tiny little alien sitting inside….you agree, don’t you?

4.  Markhor


Is there a template for that?

5.  Barreleye Fish


Are we absolutely, positively sure this one doesn’t come from Mars?  We aren’t convinced though.

6.  Harp Sponge


Is this creature actually alive? Or is it a centrepiece for your dining table?  Hiding in plain sight…..just like an alien would.

7.  Long-wattled Umbrellabird


Elvis HAS left the building….but it looks like he turned into a bird.

8.  Roughback Batfish


….and you thought you had it bad….poor chap.

9.  Elephant nose fish


Is it an elephant? Or is it a fish? Make up your mind.

10.  Snub-Nosed Monkey


Plastic surgery gone awry!

11.  Big Skate


This little fella looks like a happy wonton

12.  Glass Frog


Are those his organs?? Eeewwwww!!

13.  The Blobfish


Run away as fast as you can before it gobbles you up!!

14.  Aye-Aye


We have no words to describes this.

15.  Dumbo Octopus


Weird…..just plain weird!

16.  Goblin Shark


Nightmares galore…..

All jokes aside, the world is full of amazing creatures.  We should respect them and protect them from becoming endangered and ultimately extinct.

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