These DIY Sun Jars Capture Sun’s Light For Your Use

In the day leave your Sun Jar outside, or in a sunny window for several hours to charge.  Inside the traditional mason jar is a highly efficient solar cell, rechargeable battery and LED lamp.  When the jar is placed in sunlight, the solar cell creates an electrical current that charges the battery over the course of the day.  This energy is then used at night to power the LED lamp inside the jar.  The light emitted is diffused by the frosted jar and gives the appearance of sunlight. Your sun jar will work its best in direct sunlight.  Now it’s possible to save sunlight and use it later.  This is a DIY project so you’ll need a few supplies, so get ready to have some fun.

Supplies:  air-tight jar, solar powered yard lamp, super glue, glass frosting spray, pliers, scissors, screwdriver.


1.  Give your jar a nice frosty look my spraying your jar with the frosting spray.


2.  As your jars are drying;  dissect the solar lamp. 

Make sure you don’t cut any wires, just remove the small solar panel and battery pack from inside the lamp.


3.  Super glue the entire mechanism to the inside of the jar lid.

Make sure the solar panel is facing up and out; it will make it easier to catch the sun.


4.  Re-attach the hinges and clasps so the jar can be sealed


5.  Leave your Sun Jar outside or on a sunny windowsill for several hours.


6.  An electrical current is created by the solar cell when charged.


7.  Amazing!! The jar’s frosty glass diffuses the light and makes it look like you’ve captured the sun.

sunjar8 sunjar9

Sun Jars collect and store sunshine so that you can use them at night.  Using different colors will create unique effects.

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