Thesis Couture Designs World’s Most Comfortable Stiletto

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The plight of high heels! Just like any tough love they hurt bad, but we want them bad!

For years now, doctors have touted about the damages caused to women’s feet, up to their back, by wearing of high heels. Yet nobody wants to stop using them, because they are an integral part of our style sense and fashion ideology. So better get down to problem solving.

Thesis Couture, a science and technology company that aims to blend science and fashion together, saw the perfect opportunity to create what the fashion world needs: a heel that is scientifically safe and comfortable. “It’s a stiletto. It’s never going to feel like a tennis shoe. But it doesn’t have to feel like a torture device either,” says Dolly Singh, CEO and visionary leader of the team behind world’s safest heel.

Thesis Couture Engineered High Heel (4)

Dolly, who has been an executive at SpaceX, doesn’t just give us a technically enhanced and comfortable heel, she gives us a leadership lesson. “The key was to make it an interesting problem in their language. Asking them to design a high heel isn’t interesting,” Singh said in an interview. “But asking them to design a structure that supports a secondary structure, which is dynamic and has a 180-degree range of motion and happens to be a human body? That’s interesting. I had to make them see it not as a fluffy problem, but as a serious engineering problem.”

Thesis Couture’s patent pending design makes use of high-tech aerospace polymers and plastic as the shoe’s constituent material. Strategically placed straps allow support and comfort, and a cushioned heel bed efficiently distributes the load from heel to toe. The sole is slip-resistant and the shoe is a 4-inch heel with just a 2.75 inch pitch, the safest maximum height permitted by surgeons.

Thesis Couture Engineered High Heel (1)

The design process was highly advanced, using contemporary technology. From CAD design to 3D modelling, down to 3D printing the prototypes saved the team on time and cost, and led to a technically enhanced design of this stiletto that is able to distribute and bear load functionally.

Thesis Couture Engineered High Heel (6)

Singh wants to onspire the fashion industry with her take on the world of couture. “Five years from now, I want every high heel on the face of the Earth to be made the way we make them.” We hope she gets what she wants and we get safer heels for our fashion taste!

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