This Amazing Growth Pot Grows With The Plant Inside It

Meet Begum and Bike Ayaskan, Royal College of Art graduates that have designed a pot for plants that features a complex origami form allowing it to unfold and offer more space for roots over time. Growth plant pot is a combination of flowerpots that have been created from polypropylene, machined using a CNC router into a cylinder that has been made of up of tessellating triangles.This Amazing Growth Pot Grows With The Plant Inside It 6

Each vessel can be expanded to more than five times its original volume owing to natural movement of the roots as they grow or human intervention thus ceasing the need of re-potting. The designers said, “There is a strong disconnect between nature and the environments we are used to and comfortable in as humans. The spaces and objects we build and surround us with are very static. In nature, everything evolves, adapts, grows, blooms, degrades, dies, gets absorbed, and reused. We wanted to contemplate the relationship between nature and the manufactured object, and find a way to merge the two together.”This Amazing Growth Pot Grows With The Plant Inside It 5

They looked into ways that would allow them to carry out transformations in 3D and it was apparent soon enough that the answer lay in origami. Why they chose a triangle-based pattern is summed up in their following response, “We chose a triangle-based pattern to modify, and calculated the equation that would give us the perfect cylindrical shape. The result is a scalable pattern that can be easily modified to have more or fewer facades.”This Amazing Growth Pot Grows With The Plant Inside It 4

The Growth pots are created from flat sheets of polypropylene that are subjected to heat welding at the edges to create a cylindrical shape following the CNC routing. A mesh that has been created from the same material is then attached to the base and allows for water drainage. The pot begins in its folded form and allows for a small plant to be homed inside it.This Amazing Growth Pot Grows With The Plant Inside It 3

According to the designers’ estimate a small tree requires re-potting at least 3-4 times during its lifetime, however, the Growth pot allows the plant to enjoy a ‘sense of freedom’ since the pot doesn’t inhibit the plant’s development.This Amazing Growth Pot Grows With The Plant Inside It 2

The twins stated, “We wanted to show that even a very simple object, like a plant pot, could be improved and changed by understanding its life cycle and implementing behaviour patterns through geometry and structure.” Bravo to them for being able to actually show this. Growth was presented at the 2015 Show RCA Graduate Exhibition in London.


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