This Faucet Releases Water in Beautiful Patterns

Simin Qiu of London Royal College of Art is designer working with water faucets. His latest creation is a water faucet that can save water consumption by 15% per minute, and that too by adding a little bit of beauty to the faucet’s flow.

Water Conserving Faucet (5)

His tap is called a Swirl tap, and the water from it emerges forming intricate patterns. This tap comes with a specially designed nozzle that renders three different funky patterns to the water flow, and you can choose from any three.

The tap also has a pre-set temperature, allowing for controlled heat and prevent from over-heating of water. For its elegance, the tap bagged the iF Design concept award in 2014.

Water Conserving Faucet (4)

Simin speaks of his inspiration from nature. As a designer, his acute observation showed him how nature consists of swirls – like water going down a drain, swirling of sand along dunes, leaves unfurling and the ocean where water swirls along. He then added a little bit of nature to the artificial flow of water that we experience each day.

Water Conserving Faucet (6)

His aim wasn’t only beauty, though. He aimed for a design that could induce sustainability and conservation of our most vital natural resource.

The water flow from this touch tap is 0.4 seconds faster than the typical faucet, yet gentler on the hands owing to the nozzle design. It is capable of saving 15% water consumption in a minute.

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