This Gadget will Transform your iPhone into a Chic Retro Radio!

South Korean designers plusD have vouched to “bring analog into the new digital age”.

i Ready O (8)

In an effort to up-cycle unused iPhones, plusD founder David Choi took inspiration from his early years and used the cherished memory of radios from his younger years to create i Ready O – a device that can house your iPhone and turn it into something that looks and functions like the conventional radio.

i Ready O (7)

i Ready O looks like a simple box – but fit it with an iPhone and you have your personal iRadio. It’s usable with any of the music apps available for iPhone and turns your iPhone into a take-along radio box.

i Ready O (4)

The product has been designed to give you easy control over all of iPhones originally intended functions. You can toggle the volume, swipe screen to access apps, access the home key, charging port, camera and hear music through i Ready O’s built-in Bluetooth speaker.

i Ready O (1)

i Ready O uses its internal battery to power the speaker and gives up to 5 hours of music. It’s rechargeable via a USB port.

i Ready O (6)

The retro box also has an auxillary compartment to house earphones, cables and an extra battery.

i Ready O (9)

plusD is crowdfunding the product and aims to raise CAD $60,000 to improve acoustic design, upgrade the product and deliver to the consumers by July 2015. It is a green initiative, “On average, a single cell phone can contaminate up to 150,000 Liters of water. It was in this regard that i Ready O was planned and developed to provide a permanent application for your current or unused iPhones”, says David. If you love his idea, back him on Kickstarter.

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