This Homeless Man Is Giving Away Money and The Response is Unbelievable

What is the most pleasurable thing to do in this life? Is it about partying and having fun with your friends? Well, true, that is exciting but does it really fulfill you with gratitude and pleasure? No, you are still left with an emptiness. The most pleasurable thing to do in the world is To Give! Giving what you have to others will make you feel happy and content. It doesn’t have to be just money or other commodity; you can give love to someone, or give your time to someone or lend your ear!

A YouTube channel, fouseyTUBE, has recently uploaded a video about a homeless man who offers money to people passing by. The idea was to cultivate the approach; ‘No One Has Become Poor From Giving’.  The video is not about who will give money or not but rather about how people react to offer of help from someone deemed as ‘lesser’ than themselves.  Check out the video below that we believe is sending a very strong message and remember; giving to others instills you with feelings that nothing else can generate. Do let us know what you think about the video in the comments below!


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