This is How These Color Blind Reacted when They Saw Color for The First Time!

Red Green blindness is a common visual deficiency in the general public. Around 1 out of 200 women, and 1 in 12 men cannot differentiate between the colors red and green, seeing these hues as a soiled color.

This isn’t just a loss of the color red and green in their field of vision. As every color is made from the combination of red, green and blue (the primary colors), red green blindness means a loss in the hue of every other color – the world to them is duller, and a different shade than it is to other people.

US based paint company Valspar, in collaboration with EnChroma, a glasses producer, have created filtered glasses to aid their plight. These glasses are made of complex filter glass, touted the Cx Lens,  that allow the wearer to see hues realistically.

What these people express is incredible! Individuals suffering from color blindness are deeply moved to discover the colors of the world for the first time.

“Wow. Look at that,” says Chris, as he looks at a sculpture made up of colorful yarn. “There’s like this whole end of the spectrum that I just was completely not aware of.. I am like getting misty. This is amazing.”

“I just want to cry a little bit. I never realised how much I was affected by the fact that I can’t see the world the way other people see the world”, says Atlee. Pointing to a pink colored paint swatch on the wall, she admits, “I’ve never been able to see this one,” adds Atlee, pointing to a pink color swatch painted onto a wall.



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