This Is What Happens When Geeks Get Their Hands On A Pizza Box

Pizza Movie Projector (2)

A good movie night with friends or family and easy lazy pizza for dinner, who doesn’t love that? It’s fun to play a movie on your TV, or use your laptop and skip the annoying advertisements. (but ours are fun! check this stuff out!)

How about turning your smartphone into the Big Screen, with the help of this super geeky pizza box that doubles as a Projector!

Pizza Movie Projector (11)

Yes, you read it right. A pizza box – projector duo.

Pizza Hut franchise in Hong Kong teamed up with Ogilvy and Mather, an immensely creative advertising company, to create a custom pizza box that, with a few turn-arounds, turns into a projector.

Pizza Movie Projector (1)

Made as a promotional gig for their “double pizza” offer, Pizza Hut Hong Kong let their customers taste a new flavour in video projection. This is how the pizza box works:

Pizza Movie Projector (4)

1. Open the box and gobble the pizza as soon as you can before anyone else eats it (Duh!)

2. Now, there’s a lens attached to the pizza saver. Remove the lens. In the front of the box is a flap covering an orifice. Punch it and fix the lens. It’s designed to fit in perfectly.

3. The pizza box comes with a QS code printed on it, using which you can access a list of free movies to watch with your loved ones.

4. Using the pizza saver as a phone stand, set your phone in a position that the whole screen is projected through the lens. Make sure the screen plays upside down, as the lens will invert the image.

The box comes in 4 different designs, all pertaining to different genres of movies including Sci-Fi, Horror, Action and Romance.

Pizza Movie Projector (7)

Pizza Movie Projector (6)

Pizza Movie Projector (5)

Pizza Movie Projector (2)

So far, the advertising campaign has taken place in Hong Kong only, but we can’t wait to have it in our countries. Pizza Hut, sadly, hasn’t conformed any plans yet. But keep your fingers crossed and your palette ready for whenever this delicious combo hits your city (a girl can hope!) Till then, check out this box in its full glory through this video:

Source: Twisted Sifter, Ogilvy and Mather

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This Is What Happens When Geeks Get Their Hands On A Pizza Box

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