This Pistol Works With Just A Push Of The Thumb

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The Palm Pistol is a single-shot self defense device which can replace aggressive guns for non-aggressors. This device sits comfortably in the palm and is functioned with a push of the thumb or combination of fingers. Optimized for both lefties and righties, the palm pistol is easy to use for anyone.

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The makers’ motivation was to make a user friendly gun for women, senior citizens, disabled or otherwise hampered individuals, to be used for self-defense. It is a single-shot firearm for the purpose of self-defence only. For people who have a grip limitation and can not comfortably function a conventional gun due to its weight and mechanism, this can be a perfect replacement when in need, and can be operated with a push of mere 10 pounds.

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The Palm Pistol makes use of a special cartridge called Tri-Plex™ .38, which has three conical projectiles in stacked mode that disassemble and tumble when the gun is fired. The .38 special caliber gun weighs just 13.4 ounces (not accounting the optional picatinny rail – a standard firearm mounting platform – which supports the LaserLyte V2 laser site). The pistol features two types of indicators: a loaded chamber indicator and a cocked striker indicator. These indicate when the weapon is ready to be used.

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As the gun requires a very small pressure to fire and holding it in the palm reduces its moment arm, the gun will shoot in the direction it is pointed at, reducing any accidental misdirection of the muzzle.

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