This Quartz Coin Can Store 360 TB Of Data For 14 Billion Years

This Quartz Coin Can Store 360 TB Of Data For 14 Billion Years 3

How many of you have run out of space when downloading your favorite movie packs or installing the latest amazing game? A lot, we are guessing. This problem of limited storage capability has been quite a persistent one, up till now that is. A team of researchers at Southampton University in the UK has come up with an amazing way of combating limited storage issue.This Quartz Coin Can Store 360TB Of Data For 14 Billion Years

The team made advancements in technology of digitally based laser memory and used it for storing information that is safe for 14 billion years. For perspective’s sake; the universe is estimated to be 12.5 billion years old and the memory will, for all practical purposes, last forever. That’s just one aspect of the picture with the amazing one being that 360 terabytes of data can be stored on a quartz disk that is the size of a small coin.

Yes, a coin, can store data worth 360TB. Now, that’s impressive! This stored data will be safe for the next 14 billion years. The quartz coin is stated to be able to withstand temperatures of 160°C without letting any damage take place to the stored data.

How was this amazing feat achieved? The laser machine makes use of femtosecond pulses for writing data to the coin in a 3D configuration. The method of multi-dimensional storage has been named as 5D memory technology. The 5 dimensions are comprised of the 3 spatial directions (three axes) and additional 2 dimensions that are based on polarity and intensity of the dot.This Quartz Coin Can Store 360TB Of Data For 14 Billion Years 2

The people of the distant future will be able to know all about the history and technological advancement of current age. The more right-now advantage is that we no longer have to worry about losing intellectual data because of countries and empires falling.

Professor Peter Kazansky, ORC, said, “It is thrilling to think that we have created the technology to preserve documents and information and store it in space for future generations.” The future possibilities thanks to this technology are plethora since technology will no longer be held back because of the amount of data that can be stored in limited spaces. You can see a video that has been released by the research team explaining how the memory was transcribed.

Geeks from all over the world are thrilled about this news and while yes, it won’t be available in the market anytime soon, it sure is a huge leap forward towards a more advanced future.

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This Quartz Coin Can Store 360 TB Of Data For 14 Billion Years

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