This Table In A Briefcase Is Absolutely AMAZING!

We all use briefcases in our lives. Some carry them daily to their offices while others only keep important things in them at home. Some modified versions are used to put useful things to take along on a trip. But this recent modification is so unheard of, yet practical that it had us falling in love with it at once. Its a table inside a briefcase. Yes, you read that correctly.

It may sound crazy at first but come to think of it, and its very practical. I mean how many times have we expressed the need for a table on a camping trip or while relaxing on the beach? The great stuff doesn’t end there. It gets way better. This briefcase can store up to 16 cans of soft drink (read:beer) inside it and keep it insulated (read:cool) for up to 6 hours. How amazing is that? Now we never have to worry about having a cold drink while sitting at a table no matter where we are.

Breifcase Table 2

Its dimensions are easily manageable and its only 25cm high when packed and can easily be lifted as it weighs only 11kg when empty. A fully extended table is 75cm high which is just as much a normal table so you won’t have to worry about the size. Its parts are easy enough to put together so make sure that you take this table along on your next camping trip to the mountains or your next sun bathing session at the beach. Its a must have!

Here is a video showing how all this works:

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