Thomas Yang’s Bicycle Tire Art

Thomas Yang, a young artist from Singapore has united his two passions of cycling and the creative arts has created a series of posters for his ‘100copies’series, limited to as the name suggests, only 100 prints.

yang14 yang2 yang1

yang11 yang10

Yang has formed illustrations of architectural landmarks in 4 major cities, using only the tires of a bike.  He paints the rubber with black pigment and the surface of the tire becomes his brush with which he makes intricate and complex designs on a canvas.

yang15 yang13 yang12 yang4

Like rice, the bicycle is deeply ingrained in China’s culture, once a sign of backwardness, the ‘people’s vehicle’ is now making a comeback.  One of his creations is on the forbidden city in which he uses 11 unique tire tracks.  The Eiffel tower was created with 12 different tire tracks.  As New York is a growing tribe of cyclists from the daily commuter to the delivery boy, Yang created the Empire State Building.  London Bridge is titled “God Save the Bike” and it reads: ‘come traffic, hell, or high water’, nothing will stop London’s rising culture, thanks to its protected cycle lanes. These cleverly illustrated landmarks use the tread patterns from bicycles to show the world his passion.  Each piece comes stamped with a quirky name and edition number, along with its own special bike-themed description.

yang5 yang8 yang7

Thomas Yang also has a collection of T-shirts and tote bags.  To have a look at his work you can visit  Since there are only 100 prints of his works available there is a list of all the buyers and nationality on the site so that people are reminding that just like tire tracks, the art prints have found themselves all over the globe.

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