Tiny Revolar Is The New Personal Security Master!

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For the love of adventure, hiking a mountain alone can definitely be a great high, but not really safe. Roaming in an unsafe part of the town can also induce fear, where one could use the satisfaction of aid coming their way if needed. To this end, Revolar was created by Jacqueline Ros which promises to be “the world’s smartest personal safety device.”Revolar Safety (4)

Jacqueline was inspired by her personal experience to create something “..that would empower her loved ones to live fearlessly”. Having had her sister attacked twice before the age of seventeen, she wanted to create a personal security option that would be discreet, flexible and effective.

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Revolar was created to replace the many violent personal security tools, like taser and pepper spray etc. as the creators believe in non-violent security options, and carry the risk of being used against the victim. They also can’t transmit location or other information to the victim’s loved ones, and if they don’t work, there’s no second chance for the victim.

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Revolar, on the other hand, sends a warning to your emergency contacts discreetly, and updates them regularly. It is a small device, 1 x 1 inch in size and one-eighth of an inch in thickness. It’s as small as a coin and can be clipped under your shirt, on your backpack or along your key chain, however you are comfortable wearing it. When in need, you can discreetly push its button to send information to an unlimited number of emergency contacts, configurable through the accompanying app.

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A text message is sent to the contacts, along with the user’s GPS co-ordinates, and sent repeatedly every couple of minutes. The alert can be stopped using the app.

The button on Revolar is recessed on the edges to prevent accidental presses. Revolar’s flexibility makes it a great personal security option. The Kickstarter campaign has backed $83,247 with which Revolar is set to be delivered to the Early birds in May. It is open for pre-orders; place yours now!

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