Torque Audio Debuts Tunable Headphones

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Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to music.  Some people like the sound of a deep bass and some like a balanced listening experience.  Los Angeles based, Torque Audio have launched their new innovative t096z earbuds and 1402v headphones, which are both tunable to give you the ability to customize your sound experience.

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The company blends premium materials, expert craftsmanship and audio customization for unique listening.  All Torque headphones are tunable so users can get exactly the sound they want, every time.  Both the earbuds and the headphones utilize a proprietary bio-cell diaphragm for unparalleled sound and acoustic control.  The t096z are the only earbuds to come with six interchangeable sound valves (TorqueValves).  Users can now choose from various sound styles such as, clear, deep, balanced, smooth or bliss TorqueValve depending on what they’re in the mood for and what genre they are listening to.

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T096z earbuds feature 9mm bio-cell drivers and oxygen free copper conductors to give you a sound quality like nothing else.  The earbuds come with six different types of noise-reducing ear tips for comfortability and also silicone StabilizerRing so users don’t worry about their buds slipping out.

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The t402v has interchangeable on-ear and over-ear pads, 40mm bio-cell Neodymium drivers, and patent pending modi:fi technology that allows users to adjust sound by simply changing the orientation of the magnetically held ear pad to align with the yellow, blue, red or black frequency levels (ordered from lowest to highest bass) to one of eight customizable listening settings.  For easy transportation they fold flat.  They come with professional grade SoftRide memory foam, 3-Way articulation for an ergonomic fit; a spring-steel reinforced headband; oxygen-free copper conductor; a detachable 1.4 metre extra-long reinforced mylar shielded cable;  right angle 3.5mm stereo input and in-line iOS remote and built-in mic.

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“As an audio lover I would continually find myself purchasing high-end headphones and being disappointed with the sound, so many of them were genre specific,” says Toque Audio co-founder, Yasu Yamamoto.  “The t096z and t420v were created to provide users with the best possible listening experience across every type of music.  Whether you’re a fan of Mozart, Buddy Holly or Beyonce we have the right setting for you.”

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You can pre-order the headphones and earbuds on Kickstarter.  The earbuds are being offered at $225 and headphones for $300.

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