Toyota’s New Concept Car – FT-1

Who doesn’t like sports cars? They are the epitome of awesomeness and perfection. However, there are some Car companies which have kept to their simpler image of car and have not bothered stepping up the game to sports car. However, one car company is going to change that and that company is Toyota.


Toyota FT-1 2


This year’s Detroit Auto Show saw a unique car quite different to what Toyota always offers; Computer image and boring car. This latest concept car is being called FT-1 and well this is perhaps the most sporty looking and sassy car to come from Toyota in years.

This concept car has been in the pipeline for about two years now and was designed to achieve one single objective; capture the audience at the showroom floor. The car has been built at a 110% scale and comes with superfluously huge 21” wheels, a long but low profile accompanies these wheels. The car has been built while keeping aerodynamics in mind and Toyota has installed air intakes on the front of car, a pair of them, which enhance the look of its downward nose.

Toyota FT-1

The frame of this awesome looking car travels; sometimes going up and sometimes coming down and finally results in an automatic spoiler which no doubt will prove useful when it comes to handling of this beauty. Other than its mechanical part, the FT-1 also boasts of LED headlights – which are mind you, quite powerful- and an interior which is designed to perfection while kept minimal and has been conceived quite ingeniously with a HUD.

Toyota FT-1  7

Toyota FT-1 6

The striking thing about its appearance is the clear panel which is present right where the hood and windshield coincide. The engine, accented to red color, can be seen and that points towards the car being a performance beast.

Toyota FT-1 5

However, sad news, Toyota has no plans of bringing FT-1 to life. Still it is still quite advancement from how Toyota has been going on about its designs and this means that the community may very well expect new Toyota cars to be designed in the image of this FT-1. So there’s no need to feel so down but let’s hope for the best and keep our fingers crossed. Some really sassy cars might be just around the corner, all thanks to Toyota.

Toyota FT-1 hood

While Toyota has no plans to bring the FT-1 to life, the simple fact that the Japanese giant has departed from its decade-long, uninspired design philosophy is good news for the automotive community, not to mention the engineers at Toyota! If the FT-1 is truly a symbol of a new design philosophy, Toyota’s upcoming offering might just be something to get excited about.


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