Trasense Movement Is An Affordable Daily Fitness Tracker

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There are many fitness trackers available in the market these days.  Most of them will burn a deep hole in your pocket.  We’ve come across a new daily fitness tracker called the Trasense Movement and good news for all you fitness junkies, it’s under $30.  Definitely a must have gadget, right?

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The company has spent 36 months changing the shape, sizes, and technology to make Trasense the best and affordable smart wearable gadget.  This fitness tracker is the first in a line of devices to come from Trasense that will passively be collecting data to help you better understand your daily habits.   It will keep track of how many steps you take with LED notifications to keep you aware and on track to hit your daily targets.  It also tracks your calorie intake so you can compare previous days.  It monitors your sleep habits, has an alarm, and to top it all off, it has a seven day battery life and fully recharges in two hours.

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The device is made of a polycarbonate casing and aluminum bean.  Silicone material was used to make it lightweight and comfortable for wearers.  It is also resistant to UV discoloring.  The lightweigh housing is also waterproof and contains a Bluetooth signal to connect to your smart devices.

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“At Trasense we are a design driven wearables company that wants to democratize the daily tracker industry; making beautifully designed devices that are affordable.  Our team has re-imagined how connected devices are designed to play a role in your day-to-day life that work in the background, out of sight and out of mind, all the while processing data to make you smarter. We have spent the past 36+ months designing wearables of all shapes and sizes for our OEM customers, and in the most recent 12 months testing, prototyping, and perfecting The Movement, and we’re almost ready to go,” says Weisman Lee, CEO and Co-Founder

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The device allows you to see what you have been doing.  It takes the information it has gather from you and gives you small tweaks to use every day to make big improvements in your habits and health.  The Trasense Movement has developed its final version and is now currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.  The company is looking to raise $12,000 in pledges to make the jump from concept to production.

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Trasense Movement Is An Affordable Daily Fitness Tracker

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